I absolutely LOVE Amyclae Dance Academy! I have danced there for eight years and still love it. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The teachers are all very nice and definitely help you improve your skills. They offer a variety of classes in many different styles for all different ages. I really recommend coming to Amyclae if you are interested in signing up for even just one class.

Leah S.

Thank you for what you and your teachers have done for our girls. They have really blossomed at your studio.

Amyclae Dance Academy is the studio you want to be at.  They offer everything from young children’s classes to adult classes for all levels.  It’s a family atmosphere where its like my other home.  The team families are welcoming and love to help out anyone.  They are affordable too with family rates not individually.  They have programs to help kids with needs and if they want to volunteer for the community.  It’s a place you know your home and kids will have good role models to look up to.Thank you for what you and your teachers have done for our girls. They have really blossomed at your studio.


The professionalism at this studio far outweighs other dance studios that I’ve been involved with. The teaching is superior; several of the staff are or have been professional dancers. The staff are friendly and helpful, as well.


Thus is an outstanding dance studio with a fantastic staff!!

Chris C.

i’ve been dancing at amyclae for 10 years and been on completion for 6 i love this dance studio. it’s such a positive learning environment. i’ve made my best friends here. some of the other reviews are misleading when they say their child is being “bullied” by the teacher. miss tina is a judge and has been teaching for over 30 years. she has made an extremely important impact in my life and doesn’t bully students at all. she sees potential in EVERYONE and pushes kids to be at their best.dance training is life training and miss tina takes that very seriously. if your child is looking for a studio this is the one to go to. i’m beyond thankful for my years at this studio and for more to come:)


I’ve been dancing at amyclae since I was about 7 year old and I’ve been on the competition team all of those years. Amyclae Dance Academy is a great option for a student of any age. I have been to other studios in the area and none were as good as amyclae which has the best balance of family and technique.

Nicole V

This is my first year being a part of ADA as a parent. My little one did pre-ballet/tap and both her and I really loved it. The recital yesterday was just wonderful, ALL the performances were great. Can’t wait for next year!

Owner seems genuine and kind. Good on her for working to make her studio a thriving business and dance home for so many.


My daughter attended Amyclae for four years when we lived in Stafford and was a part of the competition team. She loved the dance studio and all of her teachers. Ms Tina, the owner, takes a personal interest in all her dancers and treats them as if they were each her own children. We are hoping we will be stationed back in Quantico soon so that she can return to Amyclae!


Katherine LOVED it. Thank you again!

Me and my family have been with this studio for over ten years. I love it and have grown as a dancer because of the studio. The teachers and staff are warm and welcoming. The teachers do a great job at focusing on each student individually and as a group. One of the best studios in town!

Anna G.

My daughter is going into her 5th year of dancing with Amyclae. It is what she looks forward to each year. On days that are rought her, she just wants to go to the studio and dance. Her confidence in herself and her dance has grown. This is seen both at the studio and outside. Amyclae has truly become like family. Everyone is there to build each other up and help each other. We are so happy that we found a dance home.


We originally tried another studio in town for my daughters, but we switched to Amyclae when our friend’s daughter loved it there.  So glad we did.  Excellent dance instruction and staff.

Valerie S.

Amyclae Dance Academy is outstanding! The teachers are amazing; they really are so good to their students. The dedication that everyone has is truly inspiring! I wouldn’t recommend any other studio. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do as a studio!