ADA Competition Team

Solo/Duo/Trio Program

Benefits of Performing a Solo/Duo/Trio
  1. Individual time with a teacher
  2. Builds Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  3. Develops independence
  4. Prepares students for future solo/duo/trio work
  5. An extra opportunity to perform
Rehearsal Requirements
  • 2 hours a month. 1 hour a month during holiday or competition months.
  • Rehearsals will be scheduled on weekends only.
Solo/Duo/Trio Rehearsals

Students will be emailed a schedule for their rehearsals set by the director. Any possible scheduling conflicts must be made to the director before the schedule is posted (Approximately 1-2 months in advance). If there are repeat schedule changes the rehearsal spot will be taken from that student and they will no longer be able to perform their dance. Schedule changes affect all of the students and teachers schedules. Costume and music ideas will be discussed via email in order to not take up rehearsal time. Respect the teacher’s and fellow students weekly class time. Do not ask the teacher to run dances during the week. If time permits before or after daily classes, the teacher will ask you.

Students are required to perform their dance at all 3 competitions.


The teacher will help with song selection and will have the final say on the song choice.

Students are not permitted to ask the choreographer to re-choreograph a dance. This is considered disrespectful to the choreographer and the student will no longer be permitted to do a solo/duo/trio.

Solo/Duo/Trio Etiquette

Know the schedule and be on time.

Pay before the rehearsal begins.

Discuss costume and music ideas via email as to not take up rehearsal time.

Respect the teacher’s and fellow students weekly class time.

By accepting an invitation to do a solo/duo/trio you agree to abide by the choreographers decisions (music, choreography, costume). Disrespect towards the choreographer are grounds for dismissal.

Competition Company

Auditions are held each spring.  Parents & Students must read the information on the Competition Team Program before auditioning!

Information and Contract

Recreational Competition Company Auditions

Auditions are held each September.  An introduction into Dance Competitions.

Open to all Amyclae dancers ages 3 years old throu 18.  Less time commitment and financial obligations than the regular Competition Team.  A great way to get a feel if dance competing is the right choice for your dancer.

ADA Scholarships

Scholarships may be given out to 1 or more students of Amyclae Dance Academy. Scholarships are not transferable to other students and can only be used towards tuition at Amyclae Dance Academy.

Scholarship Requirements and Information