ADA Competition Team

Amyclae Dance Academy Competition Company or Specialty Team.  Register online today or register at auditions.


Reasons to compete in dance:

1. Obtain stage experience
2. Learn to be graceful, both physically and socially
3. Get exposed to other influences
4. Meet interesting people and network
5. Enjoy the benefits of learning teamwork
6. Seek higher standards
7. Perfect your dancing


Solo/Duo/Trio Program

Benefits of Performing a Solo/Duo/Trio
  1. Individual time with a teacher
  2. Builds Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  3. Develops independence
  4. Prepares students for future solo/duo/trio work
  5. An extra opportunity to perform



Competition Company

Auditions are held each spring.  Parents & Students must read the information on the Competition Team Program before auditioning.