Safety Precautions


With Virginia moving to Phase 2 a few weeks ago, Amyclae did not rush to reopen but waited and watched to be assured reopening was the right thing.  Your child’s safety is of the utmost concern to us.  We feel it is time to reopen and our summer registration is now open to the public.

For your dancer’s safety, Amyclae has implemented safety precautions to reduce risk, including:

  • Small limited class sizes – Maximum number of students per studio: Studio A – 7; Studio B – 4; Studio C 9.
  • 10-foot spacing (100 sq ft) marked in all studios for each dancer
  • Hybrid classes: Zoom and In-Studio options for classes – you decide
  • Each studio has its own exterior entrance for dancers to enter and exit
  • Air purifiers with UV lighting in studios
  • Usage of floor steamers
  • No fountains or vending available
  • Waiting area usage limited
  • Limited locker usage
  • Frequent sanitizing in between classes of barres and high touch areas in studios
  • Cleaning of restrooms, countertops, and doorknobs throughout the afternoon and evening
  • No usage of props permitted
  • Lysol, Clorox, or other disinfectant used to sanitize throughout the facility and floors
  • All areas in facility sanitized and disinfected prior to reopening and done nightly


  1. Parents are solely responsible to check the health of all family members living in the household. If there are any signs of fever, illness, or Covid-19 symptoms, the dancer may NOT attend In-Studio classes but will instead log in to class through Zoom. This also applies to Amyclae staff.
  2. Dancers should use the restroom at home immediately prior to leaving so usage of restrooms at the studio is limited.
  3. Parents will drop dancers off at the correct studio door for the class. Studio A – Use main front door; Studio B – Use the door around the back of the plaza; Studio C – Use the door between Amyclae’s main door and the Chinese restaurant.
  4. Dancers will not enter through the exterior studio door until the teacher calls for them.
  5. Dancers will arrive already in dance attire and will only switch shoes.
  6. Dancers should bring their own water bottles as there will be no water fountain or vending machine available. No food is to be brought into facility.
  7. Everyone in the facility, including dancers, will wear masks unless they are dancing. Parents have the choice whether their dancer is required to wear a mask while dancing and parents are responsible to direct their dancer as to their decision.  Office staff will wear masks.  Teachers will wear masks when not dancing.
  8. Dancers will be required to wash their hands or use sanitizer upon entering the facility and prior to exiting the facility.
  9. There will be no contact between dancers or teacher. Studio floors have been marked with 10’ x 10’ squares with stars marking the center, so each dancer has their own 100 sq ft. 
  10. Parents will not wait inside Amyclae facility. Only parents of Toddlers or Starlettes (ages 5 & under) may come into the facility temporarily if need and if wearing a mask, sanitizing upon entry, and maintaining social distancing.
  11. No registrations or payments will be accepted onsite. All registrations and payments must be done online.  For questions, please send an email to instead of asking office staff in person.  Office staff’s main responsibilities will be focused on safety precautions and not on office tasks or answering questions.
  12. Parents will either leave the area while their dancer is in class and return at end of class, or will wait in car, or will stay outside facility while maintaining social distancing.
  13. Parents will return to pick up their dancer at end of class and remain outside.
  14. Classes will end a few minutes early and will start a few minutes late to allow the staff to sanitize in between classes.
  15. No students will linger or wait inside the facility between classes.
  16. Anyone not following procedures will be asked to attend classes only through Zoom.

Thank you all for your continued support to Amyclae. As a small woman-owned business, these are tough times.  We appreciate your dancer attending classes and we also appreciate your understanding as we implement these changes.  Let’s maintain the usual Amyclae patience and kindness as we get through this pandemic together.